The Santorini Condo



The Santorini Condos in Singapore are a reflection of a true island beauty with their classy color scheme of white and blue colors. Located in the Tampines St 86/Tampines Avenue 10, its completion is just around the corner in the mid-2018. Registration has already begun for those who want a piece of this investment.

Hillion Residences



The future of luxury and dream homes is here at Hillion Residences. Housing in most modern countries like Singapore is only getting better with time. Like the fine wine, outstanding condominiums are coming up equipped with the newest amenities for modern living. The modern people are not disappointed as technology and class have been mixed to come up with exquisite homes. The standard of living in the 21st Century has been redefined by the Developers in Singapore with their new projects, and Hillion Residences is one such an exquisite development.