Guidelines Buying Your New Homes

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) launched its first educational consumer guide on estate agency services.

Entitled “Consumer Hints for Engaging a Real Estate Salesperson”, the booklet features references that are helpful for consumers who want to employ the services of property salespersons in real estate transactions.

The brochure, which highlights the essential obligations of salespersons and estate agents, is part of CEA’s public outreach efforts to provide consumers with important knowledge that can help them realize easy property transactions.

At the same time, the public should realize that responsible consumer behavior issues in ensuring that transactions proceed smoothly,” said Chionh Chye Khye, Executive Director of CEA.

“Consumers too, can do their part by engaging only accredited estate agents and documented salespersons, and realizing the dos and don’ts. This would help consumers have a more pleasing experience when working with salespersons.” and prevent potential issues

The consumer guide is available from CEA’s office or could be downloaded at